Why you should buy a Microsoft Surface RT than an iPad

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Really? Why should you buy a Microsoft Surface? Experts are setting the stage for the Microsoft Surface to battle it out with an Apple iPad. For those in the market and not sure which one to choose, here are a few features that
bode well for the Microsoft Surface:

1. If you are put off by the seemingly larger size of the Microsoft Surface, consider that the larger dimensions not only allow for a bigger screen but the screen has the same dimensions as a cinema screen. The movie image will fit your screen without any wasted black space.

2. One word…ok two words: Free Microsoft Office. Why run a limited wanna be app on the iPad? Get the Real Office for Productivity.

3. If you have ever tried getting information off of your iPad, you will know just how much a USB port would have helped. Microsoft realized this and has taken the necessary measures to include this very feature.

4. Microsoft will also be releasing two types of keyboards for the Surface. Buyers can choose between a slim or more traditional option while iPad users will have to hunt down a keyboard not made by Apple or they can continue tapping their fingers on the screen itself.

5. Most clients see the iPad as more of a toy or an accessory and this is mainly because of the limitations caused by its operating system. The Microsoft Surface will use more powerful systems to allow encourage its use in the work place.

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