Launched in 2009, Klout is a service that helps measure how influential you are on the social media ladder by collecting data from the top social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The company analyzes and measures your social networking statistics, such as the size of your overall network and the content you create, along with the all-important factor of how users respond to the content you create. In fact, the way you and your users interact with one another is the primary focus of determining your score.

Now before all of the social media analytics and methodology mambo jumbo makes your brain shut down, think about these various statistics in jargon you can understand. For example, the number of Twitter followers you have and the number of retweets you receive are some things that determine this measurement. In general, there are 35 metrics analyzed to determine your score.

Other factors that come into play include list memberships, the retweet reputation of various influential people you follow, and Facebook data, such as the number of likes and friends you have. All of these things combined blend together to create your individual Klout score, which indicates your influence in the vast world of the internet.

Why does all of this Klout business matter? And why should you bother using TweetFind’s Klout tool plug-in to help you keep up with the top Twitter users? One of the most advantageous reasons to take your Klout score seriously is because your business can benefit greatly from it. Whether you work alone or you own a large corporation, knowing how you rank in the on-line world and how to rank better is a huge advantage for your brand.

Keeping track of Twitter users with the highest Klout scores can actually help you to improve your score as well, since they indicate which Twitter users you should be paying attention to. Following the users with the highest Klout scores can help you learn from them and make changes with your own user interaction.

By watching how Klout heavy hitters interact with other users and increase their influences on the internet, you too can implement the same methods to increase your score. For example, users such as 24k, Vegas Bill and MayhemStudios hold three of the highest-ranking Klout scores to date. Following them, along with their followers and others users who have similar high scores, can definitely teach you a thing or two and help you climb the Klout scale.

As Klout grows in popularity and efficiency, plug-ins have been created to make it easy for internet users to keep track of scores. TweetFind offers free Klout browser plug-ins, which are available for all web browsers. They can be downloaded easily through TweetFind’s tools section and used instantly to follow the scores of any Twitter profile. If you are wondering how you can increase your on-line presence and give your business a boost, TweetFind’s Klout tool plug-in is a great place to start. You’ll learn how your interaction with other social media network users is either helping or hurting you, and what you can do to change it.