Top Ways Businesses can use Vine on Twitter

using vine on twitter topVine on Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular business and personal tool. It’s so easy to setup that anyone can use it. All you need to do is download the application, run the installation and select the option to sign in with your Twitter account. All your details from Twitter will be automatically used to finish the sign up process and you will be ready to record short video clips, share them and follow others on Vine. As a business owner, here are some ways in which this app will help you:

1. Vine gives you a chance to advertise your product or services with the help of some visual aids. As they say, a picture/video is worth a thousand words.

2. A Vine video is only 6 seconds long and they loop much like GIF files. Not only does this help you to get your message across quickly but short clips and videos are far more appealing than adverts that never seem to end.

3. Much like your Tweets, the public is able to follow your Vine and interact with you on a more personal level. You will be providing existing and potential clients with valuable information while creating a fantastic platform for feedback.

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