Twitter toolsBack in the early days of Twitter and Facebook, finding good third-party tools was quite a search. Most of us depending on recommendations from friends or developers, had to endure far too many alpha projects and ended up rejecting more than we kept around.

OneForty to rule them all?
We’re not in the early days anymore. With sites like OneForty leading the way, there are a ton of places to find apps that are feature alongside user reviews, ratings and sometimes feedback that goes straight from consumer to developer. OneFortyOneForty was announced to the world in late 2009, and founder Laura Fitton’s guidance has helped keep them on top of an industry that changes nearly daily. They seem to cater toward business Twitter users, but anyone looking to improve their social media presence will likely find the site useful.

Listen and learn
Marsha Collier Radio ShowThe Marsha Collier Radio Show is another great resource for advice on what tools, websites and people can help businesses expand their reach and engagement via social media. The show touches on basic marketing principles on brand building, brings in experts for in-depth analysis and occasionally interviews celebrities like Candace Cameron (Camp Cucamonga and Full House foreva) on how they do what they do.

Podcast and book(s)
Sure, it’s technically a podcast and not a radio show (okay, it’s syndicated via radio), but let’s remember the noobs get all confused when they hear technical terms. Marsha Collier has also written a few books.

Are you influential?
Klout ScoreKlout and PeerIndex are handy tools that use secret algorithms to measure user influence, which in turn helps companies target users they think will best represent and (hopefully) promote their service or product. There’s much debate as to how effective their ranking systems really are, but as long as either scores aren’t taken completely out of context, they are remarkably effective.

Going old school
Here at Tweetfind we like to keep things simple, so be sure to check out our vast directories featuring top Twitter users per category, which can be extremely helpful to users just looking for new, cool people to follow. We know not everyone wants to squeeze every dime out of their followers, and directories are a great place to make new friends, which you can them buy stock in at Empire Avenue.

What are your favorite social media marketing tool sites?