Top 10 Tips to use Twitter Effectively to Get More Twitter Followers

If you are new to Twitter, or a member who want to explore more about Twitter, following 10 tips can not only help you in using Twitter effectively and getting more Twitter followers but can also help you extend your reach to new audience.

1. Start with informative Profile. You should provide proper details about your-self and should make your profile look attractive. Provide your account with a company logo or a personal photo. Don’t forget to enter your website or blog into your profile if you want to divert traffic to your main site.

2. Find Quality Content. Make sure to find good and quality tweets, starts following whatever interests you and become part of interesting discussions to increase your own followers.

3. Conversation, Conversation. Use tools like @Tweetchat or Twubs to jump into conversions.

4. ReTweet. Whenever there is a quality tweet, there is nothing bad in retweeting it.

5. Use URLs. Use your blog or website URLs in your tweets to divert traffic. You can use to create a link shortcut for more space for words.

6. Use of Effective tools. For better account management, you can always use tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

7. Be Responsive. If you are a business or using a personal account, make sure to reply back to people who are responding to your tweets. For a company, this can help them build their client base.

8. Use Google Alerts. To tweet latest information, make use of Google Alerts.

9. Live Content. If in any event, use your smart phone to post live tweets. For twitter accounts, Live is Life.

10. Use Your Expertise. You can tweet tips that can help other people to learn something new.

Using these and many other Tips, will start to help you or your business get more Twitter followers.