Lest he who doesn't tweet cast the first updateTwitter is a perfect testing ground for comedians. The brevity, the simplicity and the instant feedback gives funny people a great platform to tell and share jokes and gather material for later use.

Here are 10 of our favorite comedic and funny Twitter accounts, in no particular order:

1. @Oatmeal
He produces weekly comics, penned a book and likes to ridicule people he finds stupid. His social commentary is usually right and always funny.
Pro tip: read his comics to get the jokes.

2. @shitmydadsays
What do you get when a writer in his late 20s moves back home with his parents? Endless overheards from his mid-70s dad, a book that’s far better than most people would think and a forgettable TV show starring the immortal William Shatner.
Pro tip: read his book to see why his dad is so damn cool.

3. @sethmacfarlane
The creator of Family Guy–among others–transitioned his sharp wit from animated comedy to text very well. He’s biting, smart and less likely to drag out jokes on Twitter like he does on Family Guy.
Pro tip: speak his tweets aloud, in Stewie’s voice.

What would you ask a ninja?

4. @darthvader
Far more chatty than you’d expect someone with a mechanical respirator and clunky, gloved hands to be, this grown-up version is far easier to handle than his whiny bitch former self. Recently banned from Google+ for being “fictional”.
Pro tip: follow both him and @DeathStarPR to get the WHOLE story.

5. @TheDailyShow
Not much original humor from this Twitter account, but worth the follow for the gems of clips they post. Whether it’s to their own stuff or an affiliate, this account makes learning fun.
Pro tip: it’s not real news, it’s satire, but will inform you better than Fox.

6. @ConanOBrien
It’s hard not to feel sorry for Conan after he was tossed out of his dream gig, The Tonight Show, by NBC and Jay Leno. Then I remember he’s loaded, funny and has a legion of fans, so any sympathy is tempered. He’s a one-liner machine on Twitter.
Pro tip: say his tweets out loud while bobbing your head, you’ll feel just like him!

7. @TheOnion
Let’s set the record straight: anything The Onion publishes is at best satire and at worst completely untrue. I’ve seen too many people mistake their stories for the real thing–but it’s really fun to laugh at those types. They don’t reply much, but like the Daily Show, their content stands on its own.
Pro tip: send articles to your parents and laugh when they freak out.

Not many people have the body to pose naked on a dock for their Twitter avatar and FAIZONLOVE is no exception. From the movie Friday, this guy is just FUNNY.
Pro tip: stare at his avatar while watching Friday.

9. @rainnwilson
Not sure if Dwight Schrute was based on Wilson or if Wilson’s Twitter account is based on Schrute, but I’m having a ton of fun trying to figure that out.
Pro tip: he’s not Dwight Schrute, but he plays him on TV.

10. Retweets of @IAM_SHAKESPEARE
All of Shakespeare’s plays, tweeted 140 characters at a time, are broadcast through this Twitter account. While the lines aren’t always hilarious, the RTs often are. Think of this account as fodder for your own jokes.
Pro tip: Follow the RTs AND the actual account.

What are your favorites?