Tips To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Twitter is one of the most commonly used social networking sites. Twitter allows you to publish a post with 140 characters. This activity is known as tweeting. This is the primary way to update your followers on your products or services on Twitter. Followers are like your fans on twitter.
To use Twitter for marketing your business, you need toan account with Twitter first. The account name should be relevant to your business and it should be easy to spell and remember.
Next, you need to formulate a strategy to market on Twitter. Figure out how you will attract more followers. Similarly, you need to decide on the posting frequency, content type, offline promotion and other important things. The content you post should be interesting enough to encourage your followers to share it with their followers.
Aside from getting followers, you should also follow businesses on twitter that are working in the same industry. Follow their followers as well but do not follow too many people or you will sound like a spam.
Another good strategy is to launch URL tracking with the help of, tinyurl or hootsuite. This will help you track links that get you most clicks.

Use third party tools like TweetDeck to publish posts on Twitter. The same tool can be used to read posts posted by others you are following on Twitter. Do not just tweet about your products and services. Instead, retweet relevant and useful content published by those you are following.

Connect your Twitter page to your company’s site in order to drive more people from twitter to your site. Promotion of your Twitter address is also important. For this, you can promote the address on your business web site, Facebook fan page.

Lastly, keep an eye on the results of your promotional and marketing activities on Twitter. Stop implementing technique that are not producing good results and work on ones that are giving good results. Do not forget to ask your follower to leave feedback. Hope this will help.