Start your Twitter account:  5 Simple Tips and Tricks for Beginners

start your twitter accountAre you still not part of one of the most active Social Media sites? What are you waiting for? This article will provide you with some tips and tricks that can help you starting your twitter account with big bang!!

Create an Account with an attractive Photo. Obvious, isn’t it? Creating a profile can start your journey on Twitter but for an impressive start; add one of the most attractive photos of yours.

Twitter is Different. If you are already part of other social media networks, remember that twitter is different. What you share on your Twitter account is visible to everyone on web, unlike Facebook where your friends can only see what you share. Make sure to carefully post tweets that can help you attract followers.

Follow and Learn. Following more people is a good tip to increase your followers. Make sure to follow few accounts that make you learn about Twitter. There are plenty of such accounts on twitter.

Don’t Just Follow, but Tweet as Well. It doesn’t take much of your time to post a tweet that only consists of 140 characters. Make sure to start conversations with people you are following, it will earn you good number of followers.

Keep Your Tweets Short and Interesting. Don’t just become obsessive with your new account with plenty of useless tweets, but select carefully what you are going to share on your account. Make sure to post quality tweets to earn a respectable place among your followers.

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