New Bing Social Search Brings More Facebook Content into Search

More Facebook content is now on Bing as Microsoft updates their engine’s social search. This means you will not only see your friend’s photos on the sidebar, you’ll also see status updates, comments and shared links. Friends will now be able to help you in your search even if they didn’t mean to.

Here’s what happens: when you search something on Bing, a related comment on Facebook, link or status would be shown on the sidebar. This is what Microsoft meant when they said that “five time of your friend’s content is now searchable”. Does this also mean that more search results in Bing would be from the popular social media site?

It looks like it but Microsoft is quick to point out Facebook’s privacy policy. The items on the sidebar would only be the ones that your friends allow you to see. Posts tagged as private or those that are shared to specific friends (that is not you) will not be included in the search results.

The update also includes some changes in the design. In the past, you would hover over the friend’s avatar for additional content but because the updates are now automatically shown on the sidebar, this has been disabled. A larger lightbox is also now used for your friend’s photos that are relevant to your search.

While Facebook is given more priority now, Bing will still show contents from other social networks like Twitter and Foursquare. It can be recalled that Facebook also made Bing results more prominent in its search tools.