Is Better Than Gmail

Is Better Than Gmail?

Outlook has come a very long way in its development since the early years. Not only is it more pleasing to the eye, but they have also included many more features to entice and encourage more people to use Outlook. Here are some features that Outlook provides while Gmail still does not.

1. Security and privacy

Other providers like Gmail might keep spam out of your inbox to a certain extent. However, those annoying targeted ads seem to slip through the net. Outlook has taken measures against this very problem to make sure that you only get the mail that you want!

2. Inbox features
Unlike Gmail, the storage limit on your Outlook account is just about unlimited. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing out on receiving emails if your inbox gets too full. It also works in conjunction with Office Web apps to make sharing, viewing, and editing MS Office documents that much easier. With Outlook, you no longer need to send photos one by one. You can send a complete slideshow! Another great feature accessible directly through your inbox is the ability to mark emails as read, delete messages, and filter your mail in one easy click.

3. Tools for organizing

A handy tool that Outlook boasts is that you can link other email addresses (or aliases) to one single account. You no longer need to log in to all your different email accounts when you can access them all at once! Outlook allows you to keep your emails organized however you like. You can do so by custom categories, folders, or even both. To prevent having to clean up your mailbox, you can also select settings such as “delete in X amount of days.”

4. Mobile features

With Exchange ActiveSynch (EAS), all your contacts, emails, and other important information will be available directly from your mobile device, should you be out of the office.

With all these extra features to help make life easier, it’s clear that Outlook is a few steps ahead of Gmail in this race.

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