This is how I'll always remember Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen was king of Twitter island for about one week last month. From #tigerblood to #winning and #warlock to “you can’t handle me with a normal brain,” Sheen dominated the social media platform, the news and somehow turned it into a nationwide tour.

While his flame may be flickering a bit, there’s no question his earlier dominance isn’t something that we can learn from. You nor I may be able to pull off that warlock thing, but there’s no barrier in creating a hashtag people will share with each other. While there’s no definitive secret to #winning with hashtags, here are a few tips from what we’ve seen that could make things easier.

Make It Memorable
Charlie Sheen dominated not only because his hashtags were fun to throw around, but because his antics were tough to overlook. Really great hashtags represent a feeling that’s often connected to an event that elicits a strong reaction from those around you. Don’t underestimate the viral power of a nationally televised meltdown.

Make It Timely
“One shining moment” is trending on Twitter right now. Whether that is related to the Huffington Post video recap of the NCAA tournament or something separate doesn’t matter, as most people have latched on to the phrase and have made it their own. HuffPo has hopefully recognized this and will continue to use the phrase in promoting their story.

Make It Emotional
Evening usually brings about an entirely different type of hashtag, as they are usually used for people to vent about things in their lives they don’t like. From #whatgirlswant to #inever, these hashtags allow people to share a little bit about their lives. Seeing everyone share similar topics is quite a cathartic experience that signifies something many of us have long searched for: we are not alone.

Make It Fun
While I certainly don’t think any kind of major disaster is fun, using hashtags to tie together multiple conversations about subjects like Japan, Libya or Egypt can make the act of working with other people to express remorse, gratitude or empathy less painful and sort of fun.

Now, go about your #winning.