I have a confession to make.  I may have lied on my last review (slightly).  I said I only had two gripes with the Galaxy Nexus but it was actually three.  I felt the last one needed more time than I could give it in the review.Google FAIL

As you may have read, I was dissapointed in the people app.   Not because it’s not any good, but because it isn’t finished. Google decided in their infinite wisdom, to create an API for developers to integrate into the app.  Now this sounds like a good idea but it leaves the APP with an unprofessional finish, and if you compare it to Sense or Touchwhizz, it just looks poor.

This is part of larger problem with Google’s game plan.   They still see themselves as “just an advertising company” and so they believe everyone else should do the work for them.   If thats how you feel Google fine, but you must give the developers the tools to make your work shine.  The Ice Cream Sandwich SDK was released on the 18th October giving developers just 1 month to adjust their apps to suit it.  This just isn’t long enough for most developers to get things right. Take  a look at Facebook. We all know Facebook is bad at updating their app for android.  They had one month to update the app  (it normally takes them six months to do bug fixes) and so we end up with an app that has no menu button.  That’s right peeps, you can’t change any settings on the app because there is no access.

It’s not just Facebook either, I could list the amount of apps that don’t work correctly but don’t have the space.  For me the biggest loss is Tweetcaster.  I use it everyday, all day and it hasn’t been updated so now is broken.  GRRRRR!

Is this the developers fault?  No it is not.  It’s Google’s. You want people to buy your products, and you want us to spend our cash on your services, right? Then take the time to make sure it works out of the box.  Most people don’t think of the app developers when something is broken, they blame you Google.  So give the developers the time and the support they need to produce the apps ICS deserves.  Try giving select developers the SDK early so you have a wide variety of apps that work straight away. Otherwise you are always going to be the scruffy bugger of the mobile world.

And for goodness sake add Facebook integration into the people app!

What do you guys think? should Google allow the SDK to be released earlier? or are you happy to wait for the 3rd party developers to sort themselves out?  Sound off in the comments.


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