3 Security Apps to install Now to Recover your stolen iPad iPhone or Android Device3 Security Apps to Recover lost or stolen iPad, iPhone, Android Device

Nobody wants to be pessimistic, but there is no harm in being careful. Electronics are one of the most popular items that thieves look for these days. If they somehow do get the better of you and manage to snag your iPhone or iPad, you will rest easier if you have these three security apps already installed:

1. Find my iPhone(iPhone & iPad only)www.apple.com/icloud/features/find-my-iphone.html – Find my iPhone is the most popular security app, and, for this reason, it is also the first one thieves try to deactivate. This app can help you pinpoint the location of your Apple Device—provided it is on. This app can also allow you to lock and create a password remotely, even after your Apple device has been lost or stolen.

2. Lookout @LookOutwww.lookout.com – LookOut is another popular security app. A great feature of Lookout is that it also comes with Virus/Malware Android protection.

3. GadgetTrak - @GadgetTrakwww.gadgettrak.com – GadgetTrak has a really nifty feature with which you can remotely capture a picture of the supposed thief with your device’s built-in camera. Along with this feature, you can also remotely send discreet messages that are designed to get the thief to begin tracking.

If you want to protect your iPhone, iPad, or Android device it is strongly advised that you download these apps. Make sure that they are all activated and test them out from time to time just to be sure.

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